1st edition

Dec 3 2016


10:00 AM


10:30 AM

History of test automation

Test Automation has come a long way starting more than 20 years before. In this talk, we take you through the journey of how test automation transformed with tools, technologies and approaches all these years and touch upon on its current state.

By: Nanthakumar Arumugam - Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks.

11:00 AM

Selenium & Page object model

Come let us see if page object pattern really makes the code lot readable and easily maintainable with an example.

By: Sravanthi Singaraju - Consultant, ThoughtWorks and Arvind Srinivasan V - Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks

11:30 AM


11:45 PM

Techniques and tricks in using locators

Know how to use locators with demo of how locators perform on each browser which will help you decide the locator which suits you best.

By: Sriram Subramanian - Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks.

12:15 PM

Behavior Driven Tests with Selenium Webdriver

Behavior-driven development (BDD) is a software development methodology in which an application is specified and designed by describing how its behaviour should appear to an outside observer. The same can be used while developing tests as well which has various advantages. This session will show how to build Behaviour Driven tests using Cucumber and Selenium-Webdriver.

By: Sandhya S - Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks.

1:00 PM

Networking & Lunch

vodQA, also called Value Oriented Discussion on Quality Analysis is a forum that sports the motto - 'Come Learn Something New'. The forum offers a unique platform within the software testing industry to strengthen the QA community through knowledge sharing.

vodQA aims at taking you to another level altogether, where you get a wider perspective of testing. You will have the experience of learning some new ways of approaching the problem in hand.

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