2nd edition

Feb 18 2017


10:00 AM


10:30 AM

Deliver - Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

By: Poornima Sarangapani, Senior Consultant - ThoughtWorks.

11:15 AM

Dockerize your tests

By: Abinaya Veluswamy - Senior Consultant & Agalya Dhandapani - Senior Consultant , ThoughtWorks.

12:00 PM


12:15 PM

A glimpse into mobile app testing using appium

By: Thivya Lakshimi, Consultant - ThoughtWorks.

1:00 PM


vodQA, also called Value Oriented Discussion on Quality Analysis is a forum that sports the motto - 'Come Learn Something New'. The forum offers a unique platform within the software testing industry to strengthen the QA community through knowledge sharing.

vodQA aims at taking you to another level altogether, where you get a wider perspective of testing. You will have the experience of learning some new ways of approaching the problem in hand.

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