9th edition

Sep 5 2020

Aug 29 2020

09:45 AM

Welcome Note

10:00 AM

What's interesting in Puppeteer

By: Shoban Manohar - Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks.

11:00 AM

Chaos Testing - Identifying System Fault tolerance

By: Abinandan K - Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks.

11:15 AM

The New Realities

By: Jayachandran S - Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks.

Sep 05 2020

09:45 AM

Welcome Note

10:00 AM

Performance tests as code

By: Abdul Kamaldeen - Consultant & Ramprasanth Azhagappan - Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks.

11:00 AM

Dockerising Performance Test Suite

By: Sathya Subramani - Consultant & U Ravi Prasanth - Consultant, ThoughtWorks.

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